The great thing about food made with quality natural ingredients is that aside from tasting better, it’s also better for you. Wholesome premium ingredients are the base to a healthy life and holistic wellness. That is why every Farmers Market meal provides the nourishment your dog, puppy, cat or kitten needs to strive and prosper as a healthy happy pet.

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Ingredients That You Can See

Whether we live in the city or in the country, we know vitamin-rich vegetables and meats sourced directly from the farm provide better nutrition and taste than processed foods. We choose it for ourselves, and want it for our pets. At Farmers Market we work with farmers committed to deliver you and your pet wholesome, natural, balanced nutrition – and great taste!

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System Feeding: Total Balanced Nutrition

We provide all the food formats (dry, wet, chilled and treats) your dog will need for a functional approach to nutrition and enjoyment. These formats along with a variety of recipe combinations are crafted for easy digestion and taste so your dog can prosper on a varied and balanced diet. 

Mix wet food pouches or chilled rolls into your dog's favorite dry food for flexible balanced nutrition and everyday enjoyment.




Use as a delicious topper or mixed in.